What is Ladies in Waiting?

In 1995, 60 Minutes aired a special report about their public high school, because it was ranked number one in the nation for having the highest teenage pregnancy rate per capita.  These three ladies wanted to make a positive difference in their generation by "going against the flow."  A few years later, Ladies in Waiting was founded...
Ladies in Waiting, a group uniquely designed to meet the needs of today's single, Christian ladies, began in February of 2000.  Disturbed to see so many pregnant teenagers, Deborah, Natalie, and Rebekah co-founded Ladies in Waiting to encourage other single, Christian ladies to maintain their purity in today's immoral society.  Ladies in Waiting advocates abstinence until marriage and teaches girls how to guard their hearts and minds against impure influences.  They believe true contentment can only be found in Jesus.
This interdenominational group, based in southeastern Arizona, ministers to unattached, dating, and engaged Christian ladies ages 13 and up who have never been married.  Ladies in Waiting follows and upholds Biblical principles as it emphasizes maintaining high standards, purity in relationships, and most importantly, a total dependence on God.  
This uplifting group encourages women to focus on God's best for them in their season of singleness.  Ladies in Waiting has Biblical devotions and also discusses God, dating, fashions (stylish yet modest), beauty tips, etc.  This group, designed to reinforce parental and church teachings, meets on the first Saturday of every month.  In addition to their monthly meetings, Ladies in Waiting sponsors exciting group activities such as: out-of-town trips, Hawaiian Luaus, progressive dinners, Christmas caroling, holiday parties, limousine rides, karaoke, mall shopping, swimming, camping, movies, dining out, miniature golf, bowling, spa days, etc.  This group does not charge a membership fee.
Ladies in Waiting has helped cultivate close friendships among those who share high values and standards.  Ladies in Waiting counsels and mentors young women both one-on-one and in large group settings.  Girls have given and rededicated their lives to to the Lord during these meetings!  Ladies in Waiting was recently interviewed on a Christian radio station and the co-founders are scheduled to speak at churches, youth groups, and women's conferences in the months ahead.  Ladies in Waiting also gives abstinence talks.  For additional information or to schedule a speaking and/or singing engagement, please contact them via e-mail at LadiesinWaiting@ilovejesus.net
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