I graduated from high school in 1998.  I have to tell you those were probably the hardest four years of my life.  Through the grace of God, strong godly values, and a personal devotion to doing what's right, I graduated without ever having tasted alcohol, taken drugs, or smoked, and I was still a virgin.  I am living proof it's possible, and God is the reason I am who I am today.  I am happy to share personal experiences and the tried-and-true plan my sister and I followed while we were dating.  I want to encourage other young women to keep themselves pure for their husbands.

My sister, Deborah, and I were married four weeks apart.  At first, we thought we should not be leading Ladies in Waiting anymore since we were no longer single, but we feel we have something very important to offer young single ladies.  We are a personal testament to the encouragement of Ladies in Waiting, and we are happy to discuss ways to protect physical and mental purity.

I met my husband, Steve, in November, 2000, and we were married on June 14, 2003.  I'm so glad I waited!  My virginity was the best gift I could have given him!  Three weeks later, I became pregnant, and now we have little Jenna Grace who was born April 3, 2004. 

When I look at Jenna, I think about how important it is to me to make sure she keeps her heart, mind, and body pure.  I'm glad we have a group of young ladies who are committed to doing just that!

Currently I am a college professor, and I teach three classes at a university. 

"...God has said, 'Never will I leave you,
never will I forsake you."
Hebrews 13:5

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Deborah (left) and Rebekah (right)
Yup, we're sisters (and best friends)!
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