How has Ladies in Waiting made a difference in your life?

"When I heard about this group for single Christian ladies, I thought it sounded like fun.  I never dreamed it would be so beneficial, or that I would make so many wonderful new friends.  I thought that I had a good life, except all I needed was a boyfriend.  Now I feel so fulfilled with what I have.  I went from thinking I needed a relationship with a man to realizing that I already have one with The Man.  Romance stories used to make me sigh, especially the ones where the guy would do any and everything for the girl.  I now realize that Jesus gave up everything for me.  He left a city of gold to come here and live a humble life where He was mostly rejected.  Then He died the most painful and humiliating death possible, just for me.  Now that is what I call true love!  (Romans 8:38-39)  I'm now convinced that God put His blessing on this group and made it so much more beneficial then any of us could have imagined.  I thank Him so much for the supportive ladies I have come to know and for His constant and numerous blessings through Ladies in Waiting."  (26-year-old, AZ)

"Ladies in Waiting has been a good support group for me.  They are always there to share a smile or a tear...When I am going through trials they are always there with encouraging words...It is so nice just to have a group of girls that I can relate to who are so easy to talk to and share a laugh with.  If I did not have Ladies in Waiting, my life would be awful and my heart emptier."  (15-year-old, AZ)

"Ladies in Waiting has been a blessing to me, and I have made a lot of Christian friends.  The girls have encouraged me to keep my standards high.  It is awesome to know I am not the ONLY virgin out there.  I feel comfortable with everyone, and the counsel I receive is always godly.  I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for Ladies in Waiting.  Thank you for starting this group!"  (24-year-old, AZ)

"You know, I never thought that I would be so appreciative of some of the standards which Ladies in Waiting is encouraging.  But I've been thinking of them a lot...Never in my dreams did I realize that things which I had learned in the U.S. about relationships would be coming to play here in Africa in all of the ways that it has.  But I have especially been thinking about the advice to live as brothers and sisters, and the advice to keep your standards and boundaries high.  It will pay off in the future...Thanks so much for your encouragement that there is some awesome Christian guy out there for me." (25-year-old, Tanzania)

"I love coming to Ladies in Waiting, because it is a time when I can get together with other Christian girls, laugh, be goofy, and energetic...I don't have to be ashamed of my thoughts and feelings.  I can be myself, and not be judged...Ladies in Waiting has inspired be.  I feel I grow closer to God very time I come!" (16-year-old, AZ)

"Ladies in Waiting has been a total blessing from God to me!  As Proverbs tells us, bad company corrupts good character, but this group is GOOD company with very godly morals and high standards!  It has helped me to see my worth in God's eyes and not get desperate and compromise when it comes to relationships.  It has helped me see that the single years are very short when compared to my life span and to be thankful for this awesome season of singleness!  I know this sounds dramatic, but Ladies in Waiting has has changed my life!  God has used this ministry to teach me that there is more to purity than not "crossing the line," and the leaders have really encouraged me to make God my #1 priority and depend completely on Him.  It took me a long time to actually attend Ladies in Waiting because I was afraid I might get convicted and change my dating style.  Praise God it did!  I finally realized that doing what God wants is more important than doing what I want.  I am not saying that means giving up dating completely.  I mean dating in a way that glorifies God.  God's ways are superior to our ways!"  (22-year-old, AZ)

"Ladies in Waiting brings more joy and good in my life." (15-year-old, AZ)

"I truly believe in the ministry of Ladies in Waiting, and I hope young ladies are willing to give it a try.  I can personally vouch for its goals, standards, and integrity.  In a world where sleeping together, living together, and one night stands seem to be the norm, I am grateful for a group that encourages young women to keep their standards high.  What I like most about Ladies in Waiting is it's a group for every single or dating Christian young lady.  We talk about so many different things pertaining to living in the world today, but not being part of it.  We don't just talk about abstinence.  We also discuss right and wrong ways to date, fashion, choosing friends wisely, relationships with family, friends, boyfriends, and God, and many other things."  (23-year-old, AZ) 

What parents are saying about Ladies in Waiting...

"We are so grateful for Ladies in Waiting.  It has helped our daughters immensely.  If it hadn’t been for this awesome, godly group, we have no idea where they would have ended up.  Because of the Biblical teachings and incredible support this group gives, our daughters have been successful in maintaining pure dating relationships, and they have gained tremendous Spiritual maturity, as well.  They actually love going to church!  We pray for God’s abundant blessings on Ladies in Waiting and its founders.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Keep up the great work, because it’s making a difference!" (AZ mother)

"I talked to our youth pastor and he said talking to you about [my daughter] is a real good idea...You are closer to [my daughter's] age than I am...I thank God we met you.  It gives me hope for [my daughter's] future to see that there are young women out there who love Jesus...I wish I knew about Ladies in Waiting sooner.  I would love it if this group met every Saturday...May God bless you." (AZ mother)

"I strongly believe in this ministry..."  (AZ father and pastor)

"Being the mother of a daughter, I worry about the world she is growing up in.  It is comforting to know there is a group out there like this.  I am also the mother of a son, and I am glad there are young ladies out there willing to do what's right because I want him to marry a good, godly woman.  Your group is amazing!  I only wish we had a branch here in Colorado.  Keep up the good work, and please, don't ever give up! (CO mother)

"Thank you so very much for the encouragement that you have shown, not only to [my daughter], but to all of the other girls, as well...[My daughter] really enjoys coming to the meetings.  She needs other girls that are like-minded in the commitment to stay pure...You are such a blessing...Thanks again for being Titus 2 examples for the girls." (AZ mother)

"[My daughter] loves going to Ladies in Waiting.  She looks forward to it all month.  Thank you!"  (AZ father)

"Every single, young girl should apply these principles to their lives.  I sure wish I had spent more time in the Word and trusting the Lord for my mate...You girls are a breath of fresh air: wholesome and pure...Thank you." (MI mother) 

"This is such a good ministry, as it is needed for this generation...We are all blessed by this group.  Thank you for starting Ladies in Waiting." (AZ mother)

"...I am a proud father of two daughters who are bright and morally good.  I contribute that to the fact that we always took the girls with us to church, and we lived as a good example for them in the home.  However, since the girls started attending high school, it has put all of us into a tailspin.  Our girls began to show signs of rebellion.  They confided in my wife that they were being pressured and that they were confused in what was morally acceptable.  In short, they questioned their Christian perspective in life.  All I can say now that the girls are involved with Ladies in Waiting is that I can observe the difference between when they lost their moral compass to now.  They are strong in their faith, they know what they believe, and they are confident in themselves.  I don’t know exactly what you do, but listening to my daughters tell the stories of your meetings, leads me to understand that you obviously reinforce what our pastor says and what we say in a way that only you can communicate to Generation Y.  Thank you for saving our children from the potential shipwreck of life...My wife and I believe in your ministry.  Keep up the good work." (AZ father)

"I am glad that there are women (like you) who are out to promote abstinence.  It is so important for young ladies to have role models like you guys to help them through this immoral society and very peer pressured driven era...Kudos to you all!!" (MO mother)

"You gals are doing a terrific service for the Lord and for the community..." (AZ mother)

"...I have updated your message via the radio.  Hope it helps in directing people to the truth of your ministry.  God Bless!" (AZ Radio Operations Manager)

"I pray the Lord continues to bless this ministry greatly.  I have passed out a few of the Ladies in Waiting brochures...I believe this ministry is from God, and I love helping you promote it."  (AZ mother)

"I like what you all are doing.  I have used Deborah and Rebekah as examples in some of my sermons, especially out at summer camps."  (AZ father and pastor)

"I am extremely excited about your group and have been following it for years, since I live in the same city that your group is based in. I have always wished the ages that the girls could attend were lower, since I teach middle school.  I am so excited to find out that you have recently lowered the age limit to 13 years old!  I will now be promoting your group to my students.  They have a hard enough time dealing with peer pressure at this age, and this group will give them the support they need to successfully deal with that pressure.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  God bless your ministry immensely!"  (AZ teacher)

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